What do other students think about their experience with Real English Learning?
Here are some of the reviews I’ve received from my students…

Johana: Italy

“Georgina” is the best English teacher I’ve ever had … because for me she was not only a teacher but also a friend … I loved her lessons, I loved her professionalism, her availability… everything … because I didn’t feel pressure about lessons… Before I met Georgina I didn’t have confidence to speak to anybody in English. Now I chat to lots of people all the time… And you can’t shut me up haha… so I recommend her for everybody who wants to learn or improve their English in a relaxed and friendly way. Thank you very much my dear Teacher Georgina…

Ivan: Spain

I couldn’t be happier with George’s classes. She is really good at teaching. She always has a friendly conversation and you don`t feel that you are learning a lesson while you are at class, but the fact is that you are!
This is the reason why I came back to her this year. She helped me a lot when I was living in Portsmouth and I passed the FCE, then, she did it again with my C1 test by Skype.

Marcelo: Brazil

I strongly recommend George as English teacher. She has the sensibility to adapt to the students for the best approach achieving good results. She is a very accessible person. Very flexible with time schedules. I have stopped the classes for a while, but hoping to resume them soon.

Osi Kanabe: Africa

I would like to thank George Wheeler for her professionalism and knowledge in the English tutorial. I will recommend George if you want improve your English level efficiently. She is able to motivate and get the best of you making learning a language very easy. She is absolutely incredible and a fantastic as a person and I really enjoyed her classes.She is also very friendly and always available to help to improve you and answer your questions. 100% recommended.

Rafa: Spain

I would like to thank George Wheeler for her professionalism, knowledge and flexibility in the English tutorial. She is excellent recognizing my correct English level, preparing individual lessons just for me, being honest and pushing motivation and challenge. Good Teacher!!! I recommend George if you want improve your English level efficiently.

Alyona: Ukraine

Fantastic teacher! After my wife tried a few different teachers in the area she found George. She was really friendly and realises not everyone learns in the same way, always trying to find the best way for each individual. Its nice to find someone who really enjoys what she does and goes out of her way every time to help. Thanks George

Maria A: Spain

George is a great, fun and brilliant teacher. No doubt you will learn and truly improve your English!! I recommend 100% and no doubt you will be satisfied and happy with your classes.

Noemi: France

George is one of the best English teacher I have ever met! Funny but also very professional and dedicated to her students, learning with her is a real pleasure.

Quyen: Vietnam

Best teacher ever!! Can’t get enough of her sense of humour. Make the class much more enjoyable

Victoria: France

George is a really good teacher, she is very nice, friendly and attentive, it was really a pleasure to be her student ! I recommend her lessons to all of you who want to improve your English and at the same time spend a nice moment!.

Aziz: Kuwait

One of the best teachers I’ve studied with. Perfect for everyone and ever level

Ioana: Romania

Her classes are perfect for those who want to learn or improve their English. She is more than a professional and competent teacher. She is also very friendly and dedicated to her students. After a short course with her my English skills improved considerably especially speaking where I had a lot of difficulties. I highly recommend her.

Maria C: Spain

I have had many English teachers during all my life but none like George, she is able to motivate and get the best of you making learning a language very easy.
She is dedicated, professional, kind…etc and all the virtues that a good teacher must have, but what makes her different is that she is able to give you a new challenge every day getting you to like to study English and she never stop to get it!!! She is absolutely incredible, thanks George you are fantastic as a person and as a professional. I highly recommend

Katarzyna: Poland

Lessons with George are not just lessons it is also fun and pleasure. She is so positive, friendly and open minded person. With her help I could see quickly great results. I started speak English and I could communicate with others. It was amazing experience for me! 

Alessandro: Italy

Professional and competent teacher! I recommend her for every kind of needs and goals!

Margo: Spain 

Really great teacher!
Because it’s not enough to know how to speak English, George has the experience and the knowledge to teach and help you.
Her lessons are never boring. You can learn from general English to real English 🙂
Join her lessons!

Raquel: Spain

I met her when I was living in England. She was my teacher at the beginning and I’ve just want to say that she is amazing! I learnt a lot in a easy and way. 

Celine: France

Learning English with George? The best option you will find!
The first step to reach your goals when you take lessons is to have pleasure to do that. And with George, you will 🙂
She is smart, accurate, professional and fun. I highly recommend.

Napat: Thailand

George is the best and amazing teacher that I ever met before. My first time in England my English is horrible but right now my english has been improved because of her, i would say this!

Adrian: Spain

George is the best teacher of Portsmouth, she explains lessons very well, she knows how does to teach concepts, she is very professional and funny teacher! I would recommend of course!

Anya: Bulgaria

Very friendly and communicative, tries to find answers to all your questions.