Are you looking for English lessons?

Do you have an exam to prepare for? Do you want more job opportunities? Are you planning to travel? Or do you just want to be able to meet and speak with more people?

Whatever your reason for wanting to improve your English skills, then Real English Learning can help you.

REL provides 1 to 1 English lessons either face to face or online. You can meet with a native, experienced and highly recommended English teacher.

Whether you are a beginner or more advanced, REL can offer personalised lessons to help you reach your goals.

Do You Need an English Teacher?

Getting an English teacher is not just for people who are having problems learning English—anyone can benefit from having a teacher, whatever their goals or learning preferences. And having a private tutor can often be even better than going to a class, as you can receive personalised learning and receive 100% of the tutor's time and attention.

If you are serious about improving your English you shouldn't think that simply having lessons with a tutor a couple of times a week is enough to learn English fluently. Lessons with a tutor are most effective if they are in addition to other learning methods. You should be prepared to work at home, independently, as well as in the lessons with your teacher. A tutor will often give you homework or advice on what you can work on alone, to improve your English skills.

But learning with a private tutor can definitely help you learn better and faster.

Think about getting a English tutor if you...

  • Are having trouble learning English
  • Have grammar questions
  • Would like help improving your pronunciation
  • Want to learn at a faster or more challenging pace
  • Want personalised lessons that suit your learning style and needs
  • Want to practise speaking to a native English speaker
  • Need to prepare for an exam or need help with specific exam skills
  • Want to improve in a certain area - e.g. your writing, reading, listening or speaking
  • Have a project for work or a presentation to prepare
  • Want to be flexible in the times when you can meet

In other words, if you’re studying English, at any level and for any reason, REL can certainly help you!

And if you want the benefits of having a native teacher but aren't able to meet face to face then REL offers Skype lessons too. All you need is a web cam, microphone and of course a good Internet connection.

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